Studio Nordic

It all started when a young Swedish couple went on a south European roadtrip and stopped by in the small but cosmopolitan town of Sitges, south of Barcelona. They fell in love in that town and decided to create a life there.
Now, after some years, there is a round, blue sign hanging in front of the Nordic interor decoration store

on the small street where they used to walk and dream about a live in the sun.

Studio Nordic wants to bring the beauty and cozyness of Scandinavia

with its worldly celebrated design and decoration

to the south European houses and flats in order to combine the two places they love.

Kerstin has studied interior design and decoration at the Art College in Gothenburg, Sweden.

She is doing homestyling in the Sitges & Barcelona region

and will help you pick out something beautiful in the store if you swing by.

Robin is hoping to some day work full time with the Studio Nordic project. In the mean time

he takes care of the website and the finances in his spare time while trying to be a supportive husband by

learning to cook, lighting candles and putting on a Norah Jones record for Kerstin to come home in the evening. 

Thank you for supporting a small, but loving, company.